House Calls

​​I make house calls every morning of the week, including Sunday's when needed. Sundays are for distant trips such as Williamsburg or the Outer Banks. The house called is based on how far I have to travel.

​Go Back in Time

Before I opened my own store I worked at the clock shop at Willis Wayside in Virginia Beach for ten years. The first year that I repaired clocks, I worked specifically on cuckoo clocks. Over the past 36 years, I have restored thousands of clocks.

My Clocks

At The Time Machine, we sell parts for people who make clocks their hobby. Our advice is always free — we never charge to look at your clock. I believe that our prices are very reasonable for today's market. I am experienced in all types of clocks, new and antique. I primarily sell late 19th and early 20th century clocks.

Clock Restoration Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Welcome to the website for The Time Machine. My name is Steve Long and I own this shop. I have been fixing clocks in Virginia Beach since 1980 and am experienced in all types of repair and restoration. I have been at my present location since 1995.

Clock Repair & Service 

Battery Replacements

​​I also replace batteries for watches. I use Energizer watch batteries and charge five dollars for this service. I have not raised the battery prices since 1995 which is how long I have been at this location.

Give Us a Call: (757) 363-2894

You can trust us with anything from a simple battery replacement to your great-grandmother's clock. I have been in town for many years and plan to be here for many more. Clocks have been in my family for years, starting with my father who was a watch repairman for over forty years.

Please take a moment to look through my site to see more pictures of our store and learn more about our areas of expertise. We look forward to seeing you in our store

Experienced Professional

​I am a firm believer that word of mouth can make or break a business, therefore I strive to do the best job possible each and every time. I have an "A" rating on Angie's List.